Christmas 101

Now John Lewis has released their Christmas ad, the run up to the festive season has begun.

Each one of our bikes sold in the UK is individually checked by our technicians to ensure they are built to spec. This pre dispatch inspection means that we cannot check and ship hundreds of bikes a day, so please take this into account when ordering our bikes closer to Christmas. Due to bike demand ramping up closer to Christmas, we tend to see certain models run out rapidly, so make sure to check stock and order early to beat the rush. Please check the bottom of the page for stock info.

We believe that to select the right bike for your child, two things must be considered. Your child’s inside leg and the terrain they’re riding on.

Selecting the right size bike for your child is essential to inspiring confidence, allowing for development in riding ability. We’ve put together some tips for ordering the correct size bike so Christmas is not ruined! For peace of mind, we do offer free returns if this is the case.

Our sizing is based around your child’s inside leg. We find the easiest way to do this is to place a book between their legs and then measure from the top of the book to the floor.

Each of our bikes have a specific minimum inside leg measurement, so make sure to check this. But all bikes across different wheel sizes have roughly the same measurement. Here is a guide to help you out:

  • Age 2-4: 33cm leg (13 inch) – 12” Bikes
  • Age 3-5: 37cm leg (14.5 inch) – 14” Bikes
  • Age 4-6: 45cm leg (18 inch) – 16” Bikes
  • Age 6-8: 54cm leg (21 inch) – 20” Bikes
  • Age 8-11: 64cm leg (25 inch) – 24” Bikes

If, however, your child is between sizes, don’t worry. The best thing to do is to give us a call and we’ll help you work out the bike that would most suit them. As a rule, we recommend avoiding a bike that’s too big, especially with the first pedal bike when a child is most at risk of losing confidence. To use an example, for a child with an inside leg of 40cm we’d recommend they start on a 14” bike; it’s important that your child is easily able to touch the floor (especially when coming to a stop) and bigger frame will also feel heavier and a little more cumbersome.

Each style of bike is designed to suit a certain type of terrain. We’ve designed bikes to suit either Street, Trail or Bike Park. Although each bike will perform across the different terrains it’s important to choose one that suits the terrain your child is going to ride on most. This will give them the most traction, comfort and performance for their preferred style of riding. If you are having any difficulties with selection, then don’t hesitate to call or email as we are here to help.

When your Early Rider arrives, you’ll need to set it up to be ready to ride. Setup procedures slightly differ depending on the size of the bike, but we have easy to follow How To videos that can aid you with setup. If you have any further queries with setup, we are just a phone call away. A quick tip from us to you, make sure to check the bike well before Christmas to prevent any last-minute panics.

We shut for Christmas on December 22nd. Please note shipping takes around 2 days for UK customers and up to a week for the rest of the world so ensure you order in time.

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