Pedal Bikes

'Lightweight, strong, cheap - pick two.'

We figured we'd start with 'super lightweight' as lightweight doesn't really cut it for kids. Then we thought 'bombproof' as kid's can take a while to learn how to look after their stuff. Then we figured on super low rolling resistance and maximum control so our riders had as much confidence as possible. And, whilst we're at it, let's go low maintenance to make sure the bikes were always ready for a ride as riding time is too precious to rely on mum and dad's maintenance skills... 


The pedal bike, especially the first, must be one of the most important gifts we can buy for our kids.  Get it right and cycling can become the cornerstone of an active childhood, get it wrong and we can put them off forever.  So we try not to worry that we haven't left room for cheap, and instead have had to settle with 'bang for your buck'.

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